Come as you are.

At Condado, we create spaces where all are welcome, and each person brings their own individuality to the table.

From the food and drinks to the environment and the experience, there’s always something a little unexpected to look forward to. Like fresh takes on classic flavors. And the chance to create your own unique combinations of exactly what you crave.

Condado is a place to come as you are, soak up the local vibe and feel connected with the community. It’s a one-of-a kind experience that reminds us who we are. What we love. And where we come from.

est. 2014

in Columbus, OH
and growin' everyday

20+ locations

across the Midwest - each sporting a 
custom floor-to-ceiling mural 


using the freshest ingredients

Our Commitment to Social Justice

Condado Tacos has always been as a place for everyone.

Since our founding, we’ve prided ourselves on celebrating individuality and having a culture where we take care of each other. We remain deeply committed to our core values of equality and respect and contributing to the communities we serve. We believe that Condado has an opportunity to grow and become an even more inclusive company, and to support this effort, we recently hired external advisors to help us gain greater insight on these important issues and review the way we operate.

 The actions we are taking to emphasize diversity and inclusion within our company are incredibly important to us as we strive to create a Condado for all.

Condado stands against racism and discrimination in all its forms and we know these problems will not go away until we confront them headfirst. We are committed to this fight and look forward to further engaging with our communities to stand up for equality and justice.